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Make war. Make love. Make history.

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Winterfall is an open-world RPG set in the awe-inspiring ancient wilderness of Anor, the Old Kingdom. Uncover lost knowledge, defend your Sanctuary and build a lasting legacy.

Coming soon to PC (other platforms TBA).


As one of the three remaining bloodlines of the lost clans of Anor, we set out to reclaim the lost heritage from the smothering wilds of the Old Kingdom.


Our Sanctuary is a reflection of those who came before, and through it our deeds are emblazoned. Temple or fortress? Warband or family? Hope or fear? As the Winterfall’s deadly frosts approach, each choice we make will shape this haven.

So that we may rebuild our Sanctuary, each of us will venture into the wilderness of the Old Kingdom, in search of lost knowledge. How far will we go in our quest, and what bargains will we strike with the hidden forces of the wild?

Warrior, wanderer, poet, craftsman, treasure-hunter… The wilds sing a special song of temptation for each, seeking to cloud our hearts in forgetfulness. We must persist: every successful return to the Sanctuary will bolster it in the face of the cold onslaught.

Generation after generation, through battle, diplomacy, and adventure, we shall forge our legacy and test it against the Winterfall.

  • Explore a breathtaking, vast, and awe-inspiring landscape full of beautiful vistas and dangerous enemies in Wilderness mode

  • Build your own legacy and rebuild your Sanctuary, upgrading it and defending it from incoming assaults

  • Experience fast-paced tactical combat, battling enemies in real-time, dodging, circling, blocking, and striking at the precise moment.

  • Create a range of different characters, each with their own personalities, needs and ambitions, before embarking into these ancient lands.


The wilds of the lower world sprawl around us in every direction, immense, beautiful, endless.

We have come down here, in search of what was lost, in remembrance of the Old Kingdom.


Here there is awe, there is terror, there is thrill, there is passion. Here there is forgetfulness.


As the heart races As the wild calls, as memory sings, as ancient longings beckon, the story of what once was reawakens before us. The things once left behind are recalled and we commit to their survival, against pressing need, against bitter feud, against looming threat, ancient and new.


But the distant homes we have come from await our return. And as we tarry here, recalling the lost, the roads back fade away.


Our hearts are torn, between here and there, our minds afire with what could be. What shall we fight for? What shall we preserve? Shall we redeem the past, or nourish the future? For as the blue star rises The Winterfall looms and the ices grind closer with the promise of extinction.


Against such peril... Will we overcome?

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