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Hello everyone. Fab here. This update today just to say that the work on Winterfall is still going on. Following the COVID-era difficulties and then a sequence of hardships in my personal life, I answered an opportunity in 2022 to help another company set up their game project. It's an opportunity that has allowed me to first of all stabilize my personal situation, but also to meet and work with industry veterans, as well as talented juniors, and put my hard-earned experience to the test in many areas. While that was an extremely busy time and not a good moment to publish anything regarding Winterfall, the work went on as we kept prototyping and experimenting with various systems and designs. I am looking forward to being able to make more consistent announcements and resume posting visuals and the like. To all the followers, thank you for your patience, belief and continued interest. This journey would not be possible without all the goodwill received from this community, fans and professionals alike.

To secure and speed up the release pace, and minimize the occurrence of delays, you can support us on Patreon at

Hello everyone and welcome to this new Dev Update.

Unfortunately this was a very long hiatus that left you without much information at all as to all the things that have been going on behind the scenes over the past few months. We've long been struggling with work overload and the difficulties of running a superscale project like this on the one hand, and the day to day realities of living life, both to sustain oneself and to make sure the work gets what it needs. So communication is always the first casualty of hardship. While I would personally love to finally reach a situation where things can occur much more smoothly and with much more regularity again, this is where we are at the moment, so please bear with us. Which is why the first thing I would like to do as of this post is thank you for your patience, and thank our saintly patrons and supporters, who for a very long time have been showinh so much understanding and goodwill.

Today we're going back to talking about Camping & Wilderness. We begin with a graph showing you what exactly we've been working towards in the sense of all our efforts of the past few months to half a year have contributed to building some aspect or other of the graph below:

Wilderness Gameplay Loop

So this is the logic for the Wilderness gameplay loop and all the steps contained within it. To explain it quickly:

A regular Wilderness gameplay session is, roughly speaking, a day in the life. That day begins with the opportunity to further define your character's backstory. Contrary to most RPGs, where Character Creation is a contained step in the beginning, before you actually play, and then all you do is Character Progression, in Winterfall, defining your Character's backstory is part of Progression. You flesh it out over time, diving deeper into past episodes and building the bigger picture of your Character's Lifepath, until said Lifepath so far catches up with the present.

So in this case, before each new day, as the character sleeps, you get to dive into their past and help define and refine it.

Then the new day begins. You Assess your Character's Situation, which is both the Character's overall State, as well as their Whereabouts: depending on how well they slept that night and whatever else may be going on, they may already be up and active as the day begins, or maybe they're still in bed and it's up to you to wake them up.

This is the more "Life Sim" aspect of Winterfall, besides the traditional RPG dimension. You're not just dealing with stats and numbers but also with states and mindset, which the Character generates independently, according to the combined logic of their personality & circumstances.


You then set your goals for the day, the thing(s) you care most to achieve, from the local selection of available tasks and opportunities. The wilds teem with those, whether ruins you want to explore, resources you want to collect, some target you want to take down, things you want to build, etc. Those appear all around you within the environment, and the more intelligence you have on said environment, the more of those opportunities will appear, or the more clearly they will.

This aspect of the game can be automatized or played manually: you can send your Character on an Expedition somewhere, or you can play that Expedition yourself. The possible outcomes and opportunities will differ based on your choice.

Of course, whether you run Expeditions manually or automatically, there is ample room for free, open-ended play: Winterfall is a game exalting freedom, exploration and discovery and while you have clearly identified, specific goals to pursue through existing opportunities, you can also chase and fulfill those goals freely, or even pick entirely different goals. The Goals/Expeditions system is an armature upon which to track progress and structure a game experience but it's a bit the same as, in regular RPGs, leveling through Questing vs leveling through Free Roaming. Questing makes tracking goal, risk & reward easy, Free Roaming may be sometimes more of a gamble but may prove more surprising and have more amplitude in rewards & satisfaction.

Another thing is that which Expeditions are available and their likelihood of success depends on character skills and abilities, whereas Free Roaming into gameplay is much more permissive, based only on your curiosity and manual, personal ability.

Pre-Camp Phase

Along the way, features your Camp. We've spoken of that in previous updates: the Camp is the constant marker of direction and progression: you will seek out Campsites, set up Camp there, do what you have to, then move to another Campsite. They dot the wilds in specific, predetermined areas. Most actual Campsites will let you have a cozy stay as you build the necessary furnishings and facilities, while some less welcoming spots will still let you rest, while affording you less freedom or comfort. So some of your journey will be a balance of seeking proper Campsites and halting very temporarily at resting spots. This is dealt with through the Hearth Mechanics: the ability to build a fire, set it as your Hearth, and use it as your Respawning point in case of woe.

Camp Phase

As explored in a previous update, Camps will offer you activities based on what Furnishings are available there (some pre-built, some built by yourself). Those Furnishings will allow you to improve the Campsite's basic features (comfort, shelter, concealment, etc) and will rule the quality of your stay by determining what type of events may interject, their severity, etc. Your Character's personal Traits will also make available lesser activities called Pastimes, which may yield resources, effect stats or provide various benefits... there's always a risk of them going sideways and incurring unexpected costs, so watch out.

Sleep Phase

This all leads to the Sleep Phase. We literally implemented a Sleep simulator of sorts, where based on various parameters both of the Campsite itself and actions performed throughout the day and their impact on the Character's state, each hour of Sleep will go through checks determining how much rest is achieved or whether there is some sort of interruption or Hazard, Camp-based (an invasion, for example) or Personal (Nightmares, bad posture, etc). This determines the state in which the Character wakes up (ideally) the next day, and where they will start their adventures from.

The type of logic that goes on behind something as simple as Sleeping

So that is an overview of how we've been dealing with the Wilderness gameplay Loop. May was focused on the Camp-Building Mechanics, June was focused on the Camp Life Mechanics, now we are spending July over Pastimes & Expeditions.

General Work

Alongside that, general updates, developments & improvements have been performed on the following mechanics and systems:

  • Character Mood Mechanics (how the Character feels, dynamically, throughout the day's events)

  • Combat Controller Improvements (Dodge, Kick Transition to Attack, etc)

  • Sprint & Sprint Cooldown & Field of View Changes while walking/jogging/sprinting

  • Obstacle Navigation

  • Slope/Stair Climbing & Feet IK (still requires some improvements, looks funny)

  • Conditions UI Info

  • And as ever, salvaging and cleaning up pieces of the world from which most screenshots come. Pretty difficult task, to be fair, as it's thousands upon thousands of manually placed objects, some with their parameters sometimes broken, etc. But it's coming together slowly.

Thank you for your patience.

To secure and speed up the release pace, and minimize the occurrence of delays, you can support us on Patreon at

Hello everyone and welcome to this new Dev Update.

April features a list of fixes, tweaks and development across many different categories as we slowly make our way towards a release build. Due to the interconnectedness of our systems, a change here often means two additional changes over there, so it's difficult to progress in a straight line and on a schedule. Here are some of the main things we've been busy with this April.

Stats System

We completed a pass on the main stats in the game, that's all the character variables that may modified by one thing or another (equipment, buffs/debuffs, etc). This will come in particularly handy for itemization (craft & loot) & Traits (character creation & progression) in future updates. Currently, the list of such stats is:

  • Stamina-based

    • Stamina (Current/Max)

    • Adrenaline (Stamina Multiplier for when targeted by Hostile)

    • Stamina Regen Rate/s

    • Stamina Combat Idle Regen Rate/s

    • Stamina Recovery Delay (Idle time b/f Stamina Regen starts)

    • Stamina Regen Points to Hunger increase

    • Stamina loss in a Single Hit Threshold to Injury Increase

    • Stamina Loss to Jog

    • Stamina Loss to Sprint

    • Armor/Protection (-Inc Stamina Direct Confrontation Damage) To explain this segment: Stamina is the main vital resource in Winterfall, it's a form of all-purpose HP representing the character's current level of vitality. Stamina depletes not only as of injury but also as of morale loss & misfortune. When going into Combat, Adrenaline multiplies Stamina to make the character more resilient. Some Characters may have greater Adrenaline coefficient than others, making them more resilient to punishment. Protection determines how much incoming Combat damage is absorbed.

  • Damage & Combat

    • Base Outgoing Stamina Damage per Attack (15 by default)

    • Outgoing Stamina Damage Multiplier (based on weapons. 0.5 to 5)

    • Sword Arm/Shield Arm (spend Sword Arm on Attack & Parry events, spend Shield Arm on Block events)

    • Shield Arm (Current/Max)

    • Shield Arm Regen/s (Shield Mastery)

    • Sword Arm (Current/Max)

    • Sword Arm Regen/s (Sword Mastery) To explain this segment: Combat Damage is calculated by multiplying the Character's base Damage Value by the Weapon's Damage Multiplier. Better weapons will of course have higher multipliers, but at the same time, a character with little to no disposition to hurt, or a complete lack of training, will find it difficult to cause damage even with a powerful weapon. Meanwhile, Sword Arm is a self-regenerating resource spent when swinging a weapon or when parrying with a one-handed weapon, while Shield Arm is a self-regenerating resource spent when blocking with a shield or with a two-handed weapon.

  • Time & Environment

    • Passage of Time Multiplier (All)

    • Eating Passage of Time Cost

    • Drinking Passage of Time Cost

    • Healing Passage of Time Cost

    • Relaxing Passage of Time Cost

    • Crafting/Making/Building Passage of Time Cost

    • F Interaction Passage of Time Cost

    • Cloudedness

    • Notice

    • Stealth Detection Countdown Reduction/Extension To explain this segment: Time, in Winterfall, passes as your character performs actions and interactions, which makes it a limited resource per day. Different characters may be more or less efficient at performing certain actions or interactions with more or less speed. Cloudedness is a state within which the Character's perception and sense of place are shifted, which may lead to confusion, hauntings, dread and otherworldly encounters. Notice determines how aware the Environment is of the player's action and location.

  • Social & Character Personality

    • +/- Incoming Relationship Current change Modifier (self)

    • +/- Outgoing Relationship Current change Modifier (target)

    • +/- Incoming Relationship General change Modifier (self)

    • +/- Outgoing Relationship General change Modifier (target)

    • Goodwill (# of available social Interactions)

    • +/- Incoming Mood Change Modifier per Color & Polarity To explain this segment: In Winterfall, a Character's standing with another evolves across two tracks: the immediate impression a Character has of another one builds up into a more general view of that Character. In other words, being often liked by someone will lead to being generally liked by that same someone, so that over time, there may be more forgiveness for unlikable things done. This set of stats serves to modulates how fast Characters build their positive impressions of one another, short term and long term, as well as how deeply one Character may leave impressions. Goodwill determines how good the "energy" between two people is and therefore how long the exchange can go on. Finally, Mood Change Modifiers determine how strongly a Character's Mood may shift when stimulated positively or negatively.


The game now features Encumbrance mechanics: Stamina expenditure for physical actions will be influenced by how much weight is carried by the Character. Some Characters will be more suited to carrying heavy baggage and some bags will be better at mitigating carried weight than others.


The Character has 18 Equipment Slots:

  • 7 Slots for Wearables (Clothes & Jewelry)

  • 7 Slots for Accessories (Armor & Utilities, such as belt, cloak, etc)

  • 2 Slots for Weapons (Main Hand, Off-Hand)

  • 2 Slots for Tools


Completed Crafting Logic. The Crafting logic is based on 3 steps within which the Player may fill up 3 slots with different items or options in order to produce an craftable, which must then be taken to the next step. At first, a Draft is made, then the Object itself, then the Object goes through Tuning, to hone its stats according to the potential accumulated in the previous steps. In each step, the following elements intervene:

  • Drafting: Item Type, Item Material, Item Make (cultural crafting style)

  • Making: Tool, Material, Special Material

  • Tuning: 3x Tuning Materials

Drafts will be obtained from studying items found in the world, or taught by NPCs who already know them.

Passage of Time on Interactions We have reworked some of the interactions to include a Passage of Time cost, echoing what was mentioned above (all actions and interactions, including resting, pushing the clock forward).

The next goal for us this next couple of weeks is to complete the itemization stats and some equipment mechanics, in order to improve the combat experience by making equipment play an active role in it, and make looting and crafting rewarding. We also have a lot of work to do with the game's messaging: a lot tends to happen but most of it is barely (if at all) or inadequately communicated.

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