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Monday Dev Update #20

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Some time has passed since the last Dev Update but a lot has been going on behind the scenes, and I can't say that the current situation in a world that get more unstable and complicated every month, hasn't played some kind of a role in complicating the schedule. Thankfully, development followed its slow but steady pace and we managed to hammer in a bunch of new things. Those concern mostly the Camping mechanics, as well as some under-the-hood stuff that is definitely not sexy, but necessary.

At the moment, our Prototype/Rebuilt list of technically functional things looks like this:

✅ Means Functional ⏸ Means Pending

-  Navigation ✅

-  Basic Stealth ✅

-  Combat ✅

-  Environment Personality ✅

-  Environment Notice ✅

-  Dynamic Passage of Time ✅

-  Dynamic Weather & Incidents ✅

-  Character Customization ✅

-  Character Personality ✅

-  Lifepath Mechanics ✅

-  Legacy & Breeding Mechanics ✅

-  Core Relationship Mechanics ✅

-  Regeneration & Survival Needs ✅

-  Character Urges ✅

- Player-World Interactions ✅

- World Grid Basic Mechanics ✅

- Outpost Facility Building ✅

- Core Outpost Crises ✅

- Outpost NPC Life Sim ⏸

-  Wilderness Camp Building ✅

-  Item & Inventory ✅

-  Trading ⏸

-  Crafting ⏸

-  Camping ⏸

- Advanced Stats (Equipment & Status Effects) ⏸

- Advanced Relationship Mechanics ⏸

- Strategic Map ⏸

- Warbands vs Warbands Battles ⏸

As you can see, that's 20 items functional out of 28 so we aren't doing too poorly despite the circumstances. Crafting will be next on the list and delved into this week, and hopefully taken care of fast.

Pulling off development for something as complicated as Winterfall and in such unlikely conditions is an ordeal almost every day. Managing this is quite grueling work. But we soldier on without letting up and deal with things one at a time. The ambitions of this game are immense and will not work if the list above is incomplete and features deemed core are missing. Generally when making a game, you will go for a MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, as your first big milestone. What does "Minimum" look like when your game is cross-genre, open world and full of stuff that was not done before? Well, the "Minimum" of a Winterfall is pretty much beyond the "Maximum" of many RPGs, so here we are. Back to work! Thank you for your patience and fidelity.


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