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Monday Dev Update #7


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Last monday, we talked about the design work going on regarding the "4x" aspect of the game, that is Explore, Expand, Exploit and Exterminate, in the same way you have it in strategy games of that genre, except here adapted to RPG gameplay. I quote:

So this past week, groundwork to be able to soon begin implementation of such mechanics was the focus.

First of all, we set off to rebuilding the world through a Demo map whose specifics and goals are:

  • 25x25km

  • Divided into 9 main areas (3x3)

  • Each Area divided into 100 (10x10) Cells

  • Cells procedurally populated with Resource Nodes or Empty

  • Resource Cells and Empty Cells randomly occupied by Obstacles, Perils

  • Cells must be Cleared of Obstacles & Perils to be Claimed

So it follows that during the week we worked on implementing some of those key points:

  • The World Space is now divided into Cells

  • Cells have 5 Statuses: Occupied, Cleared, Claimed, Contested, Inhabited

  • Occupied Cells are populated by configurable challenges posed by hostile inhabitants

  • You must defeat those Inhabitants to Clear the Cell and then be able to Claim

  • A Claimed Cell will be "developable" for your own use

At the moment, there is no "own use" to Claim the Cell for, but that's coming along. The whole framework to make sure the above targets were met took up the bulk of the week. Dev Hands-On preview below, in the Dev Scene from Hell.

This is a scaled down version of a single 10x10 Cells regional layout, about 10% of real size.

We are now sorting the further developments that will take up most of the workload this week: there is much to do, there are many different things that we could do that would take us in all kinds of directions, so as usual the goal will be to make the most sensible choices towards staying on track to increase the playability of this version. Some of the likely targets in the very near future:

  • Cell Contents (Primary): Cell theme/Main Cell feature (Obstacle, Resource, Hostile Camp, Settlement, etc)

  • Cell Contents (Secondary): Additional, lesser features, in a Cell (Item, Interactive, Encounter, etc)

  • Procedural Generation Rules: Proportions and distribution rules to the spawning of Cell Contents

  • Surveying: Mechanics involved in exploring Cells to assess their contents, opportunities & perils

Once all that is solved, the next step for this system will be to move towards greater interactivity in the context of Base Building, because Claiming Cells and harvesting Resources is all well and good, but useless if you do not have a Base to give purpose to those efforts.

Still Pending Fixes

- After Boss Bot spawn, all bot spawns in subsequent waves are Boss Bots

- Make Hearth undepletable in Gauntlet Mode

- Add and configure Interaction Goal, Defeat All goal and Protect Goal

- Finish fixing timing Issues on the remaining Combat Attacks (inputs 3 4 9 and 10)

- Fix Sprint's Stamina Cost & Passage of Time

- Camera Tweaks & Small UI Fixes

- Implement basic "Monsters" for Cloudedness Hazard

And as usual, you can:

Thank you very much!


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