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Monday Dev Update #1

Greetings, As of our ongoing work to rebuild Winterfall by reimplementing, improving or fixing our old mechanics, during the past week, we have updated the Combat build on several points.

This work goes towards the next Combat Build release, scheduled for the 28th.

This week, we would also like to thank our new Patrons: - Eryn

- Neil Lancaster

- iDiarkis

- Matt

Join them by supporting us on Patreon at

Here is the list of updates:


- Fixed dysfunctional bot spawn mechanics

- Removed Bots' ability to "accidentally" hit each other. This was an intended feature, but it will require balancing.

- Fixed dysfunctional bot behaviour after spawn (stuck in inactivity)


- Implemented Combat Run (Hold Space + Direction while in Combat)

- Restored 2-handed Weapon Stance

- Deactivated Tool scrollup/down when in Combat

- Locked Mouse Cursor to Center of the screen while in Combat

- Added Hold RMouse + LMouse, Hold RMouse+MWdown & Hold RMouse+MwUp to attack inputs


- Restored Recoil Animations when Blocking (shield) or Parrying (weapon)

- Added Hit Reactions when being attacked while Out of Combat


- Restored the ability to unleash combos on Blocking enemies without being pushed back

- Fixed an issue with some hits not registering after a while

- Fixed the formula for attack slowdown as Sword Arm depletes

- Restored inability to attack when Sword Arm reaches 0


- Fixed an Error with the Lightning Weather not turning itself off appropriately - Restored Knockdown & "Killing Blow" Slowdown/Sound event

- Restored Camera Snap to Target on hit - Improved Goals display for Gauntlet Mode

Original Combat Alpha Build here:


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