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Winterfall is still going on - Update from the Beyond

Hello everyone. Fab here. This update today just to say that the work on Winterfall is still going on. Following the COVID-era difficulties and then a sequence of hardships in my personal life, I answered an opportunity in 2022 to help another company set up their game project. It's an opportunity that has allowed me to first of all stabilize my personal situation, but also to meet and work with industry veterans, as well as talented juniors, and put my hard-earned experience to the test in many areas. While that was an extremely busy time and not a good moment to publish anything regarding Winterfall, the work went on as we kept prototyping and experimenting with various systems and designs. I am looking forward to being able to make more consistent announcements and resume posting visuals and the like. To all the followers, thank you for your patience, belief and continued interest. This journey would not be possible without all the goodwill received from this community, fans and professionals alike.


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