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Monday Dev Update #2

Greetings, As of our ongoing work to rebuild Winterfall by reimplementing, improving or fixing our old mechanics, during the past week, we are updating the Combat build on several points.

This work goes towards the next Combat Build release, initially scheduled for the 28th but delayed a bit for safety.

To secure and speed up the release pace, you can support us on Patreon at

Here is the list of updates:

Game Modes Selection

- We have begun implementing Game Modes selection from the Menu Screen

- Gauntlet Mode is a combat-focused mode where you have to beat challenge after challenge

- Sandbox Mode currently loads the Dev Scene, where all game systems currently reside

- It is uncertain whether we will release Sandbox mode as is. We will most likely reshape it a bit

- Future modes to be implemented are Survival (not too distant) & Campaign (quite far off)

Gauntlet Mode

- Gauntlet hides all UI unnecessary for Combat

- Gauntlet goal starts as of first bot aggro

- If Player walks out of range, goal is paused or not generated

- Bots do not leave their predefined area


- You can now turn a Fire (player-made, from Fire Kit; or World) into a Hearth

- A Hearth sets your Character's respawn point for Defeat events

- Only one Hearth can be active at a time

- Hearths have a finite lifetime and lose "HP" per Game World minute

- Uncovered Fire/Hearth incurs HP loss/time modifier from Rain/Snow level

Hearth Plans

- Dropping Fuel (Wood) into Fire/Hearth increases its HP

- Hearth HP increase increases Fire Level as per Firemaking

- Fuel burns, lowering Fire HP

- Raycast above Fire/Hearth to check for Cover

- Limit usability of Fires as Hearth to avoid inappropriate respawn spots

- Hearth Camping Interactions

Defeat & Respawn

- Defeat Threshold brought to -15 Stamina and modifiable by Traits

- New Defeat Screen

- Defeat Screen now offers you 3 choices

- Retreat respawns your Character at your active Hearth (if any)

- Recover respawns your Character on spot, if you have enough Grit ("extra lives")

- Let Fate Decide checks some numbers to find out what happens to your Character

- Retreat wipes Weariness Progress

- Recover expends 1 Grit

- "Let Fate Decide" incurs risk of "Loss" (debuffs) or "Total Loss" (character unplayable until rescue)

Defeat Plans

- Losses incurred from Fate, clearable:

- By Shrine Meditation

- By spending Satisfaction at Hearth


- Customizable Character now has a full face rig supporting Facial Animation

- Additional bones added for better animation/physics

Controller, General

- Sprint Implemented in Locomotion Mode


- Suspend Passive Stamina Regen while Combat Running as a Default

- Upgrade Bots to the ability to Combat Run through the Bot Traits system


- Sprint Implemented in Locomotion Mode

Known Issues & Short Term Plans

- Fix Timing Issues on Combat Attacks, ruining some of the attacks/combos, particularly the double attacks - Fix unreliable Kicks

- Reimplement Fire/Hearth Fuel & Hearth Cover Check

- Implement Sprint Stamina Cost

- Camera Tweaks

- Hyperventilation (Stamina Recovery) tweaks

Original Combat Alpha Build here (does NOT yet contain above updates):


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