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Monday Dev Update #5

Greetings, As of our ongoing work to rebuild Winterfall by reimplementing, improving or fixing our old mechanics, during the past week, we have been updating the Combat build on several points.

To secure and speed up the release pace, and minimize the occurrence of such delays, you can support us on Patreon at

Here is the list of updates. We are adding a first slew of "gameplay goals" for future usage in our various systems of emergent gameplay. Initially, those are added to Gauntlet Mode (the combat gameplay mode) for testing, until they make it to the broader gameplay.

Gauntlet Mode Goals and Circumstances


- "Boss" Duel: face and overcome a single, stronger opponent

- Transport: Gather objects and carry them to a destination

- Destroy Number of Objects: Destroy a number of objects spawned in the scene

- Reach Location: Attain a location in the scene and stay there

- Escape/Leave/Keep Out of Area: Stay out of an area to avoid harsh penalties


- "Until Time Runs Out": Stick to goal for countdown duration

- "Before Time Runs Out": Complete objective before countdown expires

- Endless Bots: Bots keep coming at you until the goal is completed

As always, what was intended to be a quick update took up most of the week, as the system contains lots of dependencies and exceptions that needed to be accommodated for. It's another one of those somewhat "thankless" updates, where a lot of work is done but it doesn't appear as a long list of showy objects. And yet, it is all crucial work that sets the ground for later gameplay.


- Unbind Tools from Mousewheel Up/Down

- Bind Tools to numeric keys


- Further tweaks to environment to restore it for Open World update

Known Issues & Short Term Plans

- After Boss Bot spawn, all bot spawns in subsequent waves are Boss Bots

- Make Hearth undepletable in Gauntlet Mode

- Add and configure Interaction Goal, Defeat All goal and Protect Goal

- Finish fixing timing Issues on the remaining Combat Attacks (inputs 3 4 9 and 10)

- Fix Sprint's Stamina Cost & Passage of Time

- Camera Tweaks & Small UI Fixes

- Implement basic "Monsters" for Cloudedness Hazard

Original Combat Alpha Build here (does NOT yet contain above updates):


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