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Monday Dev Update #9


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This past week was spent continuing the development work on the aspect of the 4x Mechanics pertaining to Region Cells. Quick reminder:

  • Divided into 9 main areas (3x3)

  • Each Area divided into 100 (10x10) Cells

  • Cells procedurally populated with Resource Nodes or Empty

  • Resource Cells and Empty Cells randomly occupied by Obstacles, Perils

  • Cells must be Cleared of Obstacles & Perils to be Claimed

Surveying & Incidents

Surveying & Surveying Incidents were the big item this week. The logic is simple:

  • Each Cell contains a few Landmarks (5 on average)

  • Those landmarks are Surveying Spots

  • You must Survey at least 2 Landmark out of 5 to be able to Claim the Cell

  • Surveying more than 2 Landmarks decreases the likelihood of the Cell getting Contested

  • While Surveying a Landmark, an Incident may occur

  • Incident type & gravity is determined by your current Notice value

  • The higher your Notice value the higher the risk level of the Incident

  • Currently, Incidents are, from lowest to highest risk:

    • Wildlife is caught at unawares

    • Tracks spawn. Follow them to an Event

    • A Patrol is caught at unawares. Avoid, Escape or Ambush it

    • An Ambush falls upon the Player: Escape or Overcome

    • A Deadly Ambush falls upon the Player: Escape or Overcome

  • At the moment, only one Incident per Cell per Day can be triggered

  • At the moment, all events are generic and placeholder. Later on, Arrays will provide variants of events

Next Up

  • Camp & Base Mechanics: Once Surveying is fully functional, we will move towards improving Camping mechanics as an extension of Hearth Mechanics and Landmark objects, well as beginning to implement Base-Building Mechanics.

Still Pending Fixes (low priority items at the moment)

  • After Boss Bot spawn, all bot spawns in subsequent waves are Boss Bots

  • Add and configure Interaction Goal, Defeat All goal and Protect Goal

  • Finish fixing timing Issues on the remaining Combat Attacks (inputs 3 4 9 and 10)

  • Fix Sprint's Stamina Cost & Passage of Time

  • Camera Tweaks & Small UI Fixes

  • Implement basic "Monsters" for Cloudedness Hazard

And as usual, you can:

Thank you very much!


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